White Witch

It’s bloody cold. I hate the cold. Detest it. We should all be able to stay inside in the warmth, and not have to leave.
Everything should be delivered to the house, and the world would be a happier place.
Unfortunately, I have to go out to see L. Or rather, see L’s flat, as he’s not actually here most of the time.
As soon as I have to go out in the cold, just don’t talk to me, and you’d better be able to keep up. When I’m freezing my nips off, it’s not the time to dilly dally around.
I will shout, swear, shiver, glare, walk off, and generally be more pissed off than ever before.
As L said the other day ‘it’s a good thing you don’t have PMT, you just switch to it when it’s cold!’
Soon as I’m back in the warmth, I’m all smiley and happy again. Well, until I have to go back out in the cold again.
Don’t be afraid of frost bite, I bite harder.

Is it just me who morphs into a complete bitch when cold, or do you as well?

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