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So You Think You’ve Got A Small Penis?

Posted on May 27, 2013 by in Dirty Little Whispers, Sex and Relationship | 6 comments

Penis. Cock. Willy. One eyed snake. Nob. Member. Whatever you want to call it, we all know you mean that thing between a man’s legs.

We’ve all seen Pussy Pride, but what about the penises?
Do we expect men with their big ego’s to be proud of their manhood or are they also riddled with insecurities? Let’s share some pride this way too.

There are so many concerns which may run through a man’s mind. Is it a small penis? Does it have enough girth? Is it long enough? Is it too veiny? Grower not a shower? Will anyone want to have sex with me? Will they laugh?

The average penis size is always a bit of a guesstimate. Generally when left to men to measure they will perhaps lie, as a larger penis is seen as more desirable in modern society, or measure it wrong. Where are you meant to measure from below or above, flaccid or hard? Does circumcision make much of a difference in size?

According to the latest study carried out, the new average penis size is between 5.1 and 5.9 inches erect.


Honestly, I have no idea how big an inch is. You could tell me anything and I’d probably take your word for it. All I know is whether it feels good or not.

When aroused a woman’s vagina will stretch to around 4 inches, so even a small penis is likely to fill it. If your erect penis is bigger then this, the vagina will stretch to accommodate it.

Personally I don’t like massive cocks. Sometimes just looking at them makes my vagina let out a little cry. They’re much harder to give a blow job to as well. I gag enough trying to deep throat an ‘average’ penis, massive cocks do not stand a chance. I’ve tried.

All men see in porn though is large cocks; big and girthy. This is what is portrayed in most everyday porn.
I’ve looked on a few porn sites and there’s categories for ‘big dick’, ‘big tits’, ‘small tits’, but I have only found one which tags small cocks.
These video’s are humiliation porn. This is a kink. Mostly female dominance over men with small cocks, usually including two or three women.
The men are obviously getting off on the attention but the fact that it’s humiliation irks me a bit. For those with small penises who are self conscious, this kind of porn would be rather hurtful. Especially in the real world where the chances of three horny women coming to suck you off is unlikely.

In reality small cocks are always ridiculed and joked about, to have a small cock is somewhat of an insult. It is common amongst young people to joke about this. If you tell men with average sized cocks enough times that they’re small, they will unfortunately get into their heads.
It’s immature and bullying. Next time you tease someone about it think about what effect you’re really having.
A guy once told me I had a KFC bucket vagina in jest, I slapped him so hard it made his lip bleed. Over reaction? Slightly, considering he hadn’t seen my vagina.

Unlike woman who can get a boob job or vaginoplasty, there isn’t really much a man can do about a small willy. All the procedures are costly and can be dangerous although they cannot guarantee an actual good end result.

Your penis is part of you, even if you have a small penis it still works. What more could you want? People have most likely slept with you before and they will again and hopefully it was because they actually liked you as a person rather than just the size of your cock.

So the solution? Learn to love your penis! … or, failing that, get into the porn industry.


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  1. so I have always been of the opinion, which has been verified by a few people, that my penis is of average size. The question this now bares is this: does size really matter that much or is it, especially for someone with an average sized penis, more important to know what to do in general and what to do with it in particular.

  2. Agree with pretty much everything you’ve written Emma, I was thinking about it while writing my post the other day that men should feel proud about their bits just like women should feel proud of their bits. And bits vary so much from person to person their is a perfect fit for everyone on both ends as well as strap on’s if needs be. Very much agree with the stop bullying bit there is no need for it. :-)
    Saint1ess recently posted..#PositivBody Week 1: #PussyPrideMy Profile

  3. I am a naturist and did some research for a naturist book. The human male cock, when going from flaccid to erect can expand anything from 120% to 400% of its flaccid size, depending on the gentleman, so there really is no “guarantee” of a gentleman’s erect size when thinking about his flaccid size.

    I cannot make a claim as to the woman’s end of things as to a “massive” cock over a “tiny” cock; I know my manhood has been a very efficient delivery mechanism for it’s main job in life, so biologically it has served its purpose. I have children.

    However, I sort of disagree with the idea men should have pride in their penises – why? Are you proud of your rectum and anus? They are both delivery mechanisms of waste bodily substances. A pussy gives pleasure and life, a cock is a mere enabler to some of that. It is also explicit and untidy, it has little beauty IMO.

    (I did say I disagree a bit with you, and can prove that other people share my opinion of the vulgarity of the cock if you want!)
    John D recently posted..Wicked Wednesday: FailureMy Profile

  4. my penis pride isn’t based on the size of my cock but rather on the sheer beauty and the insubordination of its nature

  5. I found Emma’s take on this subject to be “Spot On”. I am above average myself, but I can remember the adverse effect the teasing and ridiculed jokes had on others during locker room showers and have always understood that you are given what you have and there’s nothing to really change it. (unless you opt for surgeries that are expensive and not always successful)

    A body part is not the definition of a person. I find the character and personality of a person the initial attraction. I have been with many different types of women from models to even porn stars and most of them will tell you if their being honest, a cock too small and one too large may not always be desired, but they base their personal preference one that makes them not only feel good physically but they also need the foreplay and mental stimulation as well. So there is no “REAL” basis on size per-say.

    We live in a society where the media that promotes designer clothing, porn and magazines that exploit women and men, purposely go out and cast and find the above average for their viewers, and if people who are below average are cast, it’s usually for some fetish style piece and unfortunately it makes the average person feel inadequate or lowers their self-esteem to the point that they opt for “Boob Jobs” and “Size Enhancement” items to the tune of hundreds of millions a year!! The saps that play on these individuals fears and insecurities are laughing all of the way to the banks!!

    On closing, learn to be happy with what God gave you and learn to love yourself first so others can love you too!!

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