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All the fun happens at Sh! Women’s Emporium in Hoxton Square especially when it involves a Black Lace Book Reading.
With champagne and cupcakes galore, the pink paradise soon filled with both women and men looking to add some erotica to their weekend.
After the usual play around in the shop because I can’s resist a room full of toys, we were seated downstairs to hear the dirty snippets of stories from the gorgeous erotica writers Kristina Lloyd, Justine Elyot, Primula Bond and Daily Mail winner S.M Taylor.


The audience squirmed in their seats with excitement, giggled at the cleverly incorperated comedy and soon wanted to jump on anything that moved. Or was that just me?

As with every good night there was a murder. No, wait, that’s not right. A thief. Mid erotica, a lot of hustle and bustle was heard upstairs as a local stuffed a Sh! Excite into her underwear! Well, at least she had good taste in her stealing.

After a quick break in which to buy the books as I’m not one to miss an opportunity to get a book signed, we were back to listen to more sauciness.

With all this excitement we needed a bit of a release so decided to test out the floggers and paddles (they’re great by the way!). Sound like your kind of thing? Check out Sh! Spanking classes.

For a fun free night out be sure to check out Sh! Erotic readings.

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  1. Em…Did you get to meet Kristina Lloyd or Justine Elyot?

  2. You forgot about my very brief appearance *sob*..

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