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Sexy Health Check Week

Posted on Mar 4, 2013 by in Campaign | 2 comments

Yes! It’s Sexy Health Check Week! Launched by Desire and Pleasure, which is run by the FPA, this fabulous campaign aimed at encouraging couples to make health checks an every day part of their sex lives to keep their partners healthy.

Those with sexual partners are able to know their partners bodies inside and out, and notice more when something has changed.


So what may change? Hygiene smells, fishy fanny,weight changes, you’re looking a bit fat, love, skin rashes, stubble burn, or more serious symptoms for testicular and breast cancer.

This campaign encourages couples to get to know their partners bodies and explains what changes to look for, so turn those lights on and check them out!

Only 12% of those surveyed said that if they noticed any changes to their partner’s body, that they would tell them about it. You’re all obviously not as open as me!

This was mainly due to embarrassment with over half (54%) citing this as the main reason for keeping quiet. Other reasons included not thinking it was important (27%) or not wanting to have an awkward conversation.

“The aim of Sexy Health Check Week is to encourage couples to explore each other’s bodies and be open and honest with each other if they do notice anything.

There are so many campaigns out there for self-checks and self-diagnosis but nothing highlighting how knowing each others bodies as well as your own can be of benefit. Sex offers the perfect opportunity to do this, when couples are most intimate.” – Natika H Halil, Director of Information for FPA

As for single me? Well, I’m sure you all study my Sinful Sunday posts enough to let me know!

Want to know more? Check out the campaign on the Desire and Pleasure website

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  1. Its an awesome idea, and really sad that more people wouldn’t tell their partner.
    cammiesonthefloor recently posted..On the ropesMy Profile

    • Very sad. Such a lack of communication is never good, or lack of awareness perhaps.

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