Secret Sexy Santa!

Secret Sexy Santa!

Guess what!? I BLOOMING love getting presents in the post. I bet you all do too! Especially if it’s a surprise!

So I’m going to be really organised here and sort out a Secret Santa for you all!

There will be a £5 limit on the present you buy for someone, with all the sales going on I hope you manage to make the most of it!
If you want to be cheeky and save money on postage, you can always order it from the internet to be delivered to the person ;)


All you need to do to take part is email me with your details; Name, Twitter, Blog, and Home Address and I will sort out the rest.

My email is:

Of course I will keep all your details confidential, apart from your address going to the person sending you the gift.

I suggest you also check out the person on Twitter to be sneaky and find out what they like. Someone who has taken part in a different Secret Santa before received a bunch of gold coins. I’ll be having none of that here thank you! All presents must be as close the the £5 mark as possible. If not, I’ll be after you! I want to make this a fun surprise for everyone, so no being stingy.

Please also make sure the gift will not offend the person you’re sending it to.

Close off date for entering Secret Sexy Santa is November 23rd. Then I will have the person you’re sending the gift to ready ASAP.

So what are you waiting for? Email me and join in! :)

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