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Scavenger Hunt: Hiking Trail

Posted on May 26, 2014 by in Dirty Little Whispers, Memes, Scavenger Hunt | 46 comments

For the Scavenger Hunt today I am completing “Hiking Trail“. This is one of the many trails around The Chase, which on a weekend afternoon when this was taken was a rather popular destination with others walking past every few minutes. I’m not quite dressed for hiking and later managed to nettle sting my foot. A lot more painful than I remember from my childhood when there aren’t any dock leaves around.

There were lovely views over the countryside, however I’m not sure this photo quite does it justice.



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  1. Excellent photo! Love that it’s in black and white too x

  2. Hate seeing great legs and arse going downhill.

    You need to squat regularly at the and they’ll be amazing again. Unfortunately that pic just shows no gap from excess and a hint of cellulite forming.

    Yours concerned

    • Wow Tony. Harsh. All I see there is a healthy young woman with a figure that most would envy.

    • Why on Earth would you think that a comment like that is the right thing to say?

      Were you bullied as a child? Even if you meant to encourage, which I doubt, can you really read that back to yourself and think that’s the way to do it?

      Not everybody wants to look like, or indeed look at, your narrow image of an ideal woman. But aside from that, I think it’s a bit ridiculous trying to use negging on someone with a figure as good as Emma’s. Talk about picking the wrong target…

      I also notice there’s no image of you on your comment.

      Emma – Take no notice. You look amazing and there’s nothing wrong with your figure. In the slightest.
      Andy – Ruffled Sheets recently posted..Balcony Butt PlugsMy Profile

    • Hey Tony – Piss off. Just because YOU don’t like it, doesn’t make it wrong. If you don’t like it, then move the fuck along out of here. Go stalk the interwebs for airbrushed models.

      This woman is fucking gorgeous and perfect just the way she is. YOU are the one with issues and problems to work out. Sadly for you, no amount of [insert random exercise here] will fix your personality flaws.
      Dangerous Lilly recently posted..Ask Lilly: My First Sex Toy editionMy Profile

    • Oh, how cute. You’re “concerned”. Right. Since we’re sharing our concerns here, please allow me to caution you that I believe your brain may have atrophied and you ought to exercise it more often. I recommend that you begin by reading the #YesAllWomen hashtag on Twitter. No commenting though, you’d only embarrass yourself at this point…wouldn’t want all of Twitter to see what a weak mind you have! The only post you should be making today is a heartfelt apology to Emma for your insensitive and utterly ridiculous remarks.

      Continue to educate yourself daily, commit to a steady diet of respect for all your fellow humans and before long, you won’t need to be ashamed of yourself any longer. Side effects of learning to treat women as people rather than objects may include a reduction in sarcastic responses to your posts and being welcome in forums that previously branded you a troll.

      You’re welcome.
      Lunabelle recently posted..Me and My Secret IdentityMy Profile

    • Calling someone out on a lack of thigh gap is not only incredibly insulting, but also very unrealistic. Most women, no matter how little they weigh, will never, ever have a thigh gap. They simply aren’t built that way. To call someone out on what you think is a physical flaw and can simply not be changed is, quite frankly, being a bully and perpetuating an absolutely unattainable standard of beauty. Lack of thigh gap in most healthy women is simply a matter of basic anatomy.

      Someone does, in fact, need a reality check, and it’s not Emma.
      Arollinthehay recently posted..Njoy Fun Wand ReviewMy Profile

    • You, bro-douche, are exactly what is wrong with this world. WTF gives you the right to stop by and talk your vile garbage to a women who is doing nothing but embracing her beauty? Do you get off in pointing out imperfections? You picked the wrong women to do this to. Miss. Whispers is absolutely perfect. She’s flawless. The same cannot be said for you.
      Beck recently posted..Hedo Vibes Review Roundup Week #43My Profile

    • I think your legs and bum look quite fetching indeed. I hope you’ll ignore the little dweebs like “Tony” and focus on all the positive.

      “Tony”,this bit is just for you: you are a worthless worm and you should be ashamed of yourself for trying to make this lady feel bad. You are obviously an indivual of such low caliber that you have to make your own flame brighter by blowing out another’s candle. I think you already know you don’t deserve to look at such a lovely woman, let alone the ground she’s walked on so go crawl back into the abyss from whence you came

    • Erm…what? I’m not sure what kind of human beings you’ve been around with, but last time I checked, everyone is different, and EVERY. SINGLE. HUMAN. BEING. IS. FUCKING. BEAUTIFUL (I’m talking purely physical here. Inside beauty is something else). Who do you think defines beauty anyways? You, and you yourself. She doesn’t meet YOUR definition of “beauty”, so what? She isn’t born to please your definition of beauty anyways. She’s just her, with a body that’s just as beautiful, tender, and amazing as any human beings.
      Since you think you have the “power” to tell someone to do some squating, I’m going to quote your message back to you. “I hate seeing great creations by humanity go downhill with a brain like yours. You need to do some brain workout regularly, and at the end, you will be an amazing human being again. Unfortunately, your comment just shows your lack of knowledge and a hint of stupidity.

      Yours concerned,

      Reenie recently posted..FIRST YEAR BLOGIVERSARY: WINNERS!My Profile

    • How bloody dare you Tony.

      She’s absolutely divine.

    • Hey Tony.

      Obviously, you’ve encountered a bit of a backlash from your comments. And rightly so, because you’ve fallen into the trap that believes that the Photoshopped pictures you see on the billboards/magazines/newspapers/etc are real. They aren’t. They are no more representative of reality than a clubber’s fevered imaginations about pink elephants while tripping on a particularly potent batch of Coke.

      Here is a genuinely healthy, well proportioned young lady who has an amazing body and a dirty mind. This is good news for her, even better news for us all, given she spends her time and energies sharing some of the above with the wider Internet through this medium, her website.
      (Note: thank her, not insult her)

      But you have chosen the latter path; this is an unwise move. I therefore think that as you have commented on the physical appearance of someone that you should post a naked/semi-naked picture of yourself online. See what responses you get. Only I hope the reaction you get will be less twisted than what you offered Emma. Question is, have you got the balls to do it.

      Emma does it every week.

      John recently posted..WickedWednesday: Trigger WarningsMy Profile

  3. This is a fantastic photo, not least because you have an absolutely amazing arse. Yes, great composition, lighting, background, etc etc, blah blah, but it’s mainly the amazing arse…
    Exhibit A recently posted..The happy beginningMy Profile

  4. I don’t get body envy very much… but Christ on a cracker, your bum is cute as peach.

  5. Ah, the good old ‘let’s troll an obviously stunning woman because women that attractive obviously have way more confidence than they should and in fact reject idiots like myself all the time so now I’m angry about it and this is my pathetic, anonymous, keyboard warrior revenge’.
    You know who else recently got negative about women and sexuality? The California shooter. You want to join the hordes like that, ‘Tony’? Are you seriously putting yourself out there as a body shaming, misogynistic, cowardly and obviously quite vile human being?
    This is your chance to apologise – which you probably don’t have the balls to do. You’ve done your thing. You’ve played your troll part very well. -applause-
    Yes, we’re all fucked off because you’ve come here and attacked a beautiful young woman with back handed compliments and a quite obvious attempt at knocking her down, psychologically, physically, any way you can.
    In fact I know that Emma has a fucking awesome body – and awesome body no matter your body image, desires and size – she’s hot, sexy and I can say that as I’ve met her in person – something you’ll never get to do.
    You’re another guy who sees women’s appeal, purpose and usefulness in terms of their looks. Even if this were the case, Emma is a fucking outstanding 10 out of 10 on anyone’s scale – but not only that, she’s an amazing writer, sex positive campaigner, reviewer, partner (from what I hear!) and decent, kind wonderful human being.
    Unlike you. Crawl back under your rock Tony.
    Cara Sutra recently posted..Trigger warnings on books will censor emotional responses in the great reading experienceMy Profile

  6. I love this pic. I love the confidence. The exhibtionism of who else might come up that path…. I love that arse too. Poor folks who just missed it as they came up behind you a little too late….

  7. Beautiful image and beautiful body, pay no mind to Tony’s rude and baseless comment!
    Ali recently posted..HedoVibes Round Up #42My Profile

  8. All I see is a beautiful body. Your curves are amazing and the setting looks lovely. Interestingly, if ‘Tony’ is talking about a thigh gap, I have one and I’m still sat here thinking these thighs I’m seeing are better looking than my own.

    I learnt the meaning of negging yesterday. Maybe this is it… Or maybe he’s just a cunt.

    Do not dare let this bother you. Ever.

    Åsa x
    Åsa Winter recently posted..Two of my favourite thingsMy Profile

  9. Great picture. Love the composition, and lighting. Great choice to use black and white too.

    You have a gorgeous figure, and a lovely arse……..wish I had legs as lovely as yours.

  10. Contrary to what Tony thinks, not all women want a thigh gap and not all men find them attractive. This is a stunning picture of a gorgeous woman and if I had and arse and legs anywhere near as perfect as Miss Whispers, I would be whipping them out much more too! Sadly I have very little body confidence. Is it any wonder with people like Tony in the world. A hint of cellulite? Are you KIDDING me? Cellulite is natural and extremely common, especially on women as our fat gets stored closer to the surface of the skin. Yep, even tiny thin women have cellulite, sorry to burst your bubble Tony, but most women have it. Maybe take your head out of the airbrushed, photo-shopped lads mags and take a look at the real women around you.

    Suffice to say, you are beautiful just the way you are Miss W and do not let the haters put you down!
    GrittyWoman recently posted..Uberkinky Hempex Synthetic Bondage Rope ReviewMy Profile

  11. *sigh* I just saw some lovely people on twitter talking about an image in which someone was shamed. I’ve seen your photos before, and I had to question whether or not they were talking about the same beautiful woman I had seen in so many other images on your blog.

    What was said about you, is 100% false. He’s obviously trying to make you upset, he wants you to feel bad about yourself, probably because a woman as beautiful as you would never look his way. In situations like this, it’s obviously the idiot who left the comment that has the problem, not you.

    I have never, and will never have a body as beautiful as yours. I think your photo (like them all) is absolutely stunning! I agree with the things that have been said above (especially from Cara and Gritty Woman). You’re gorgeous, don’t let some shallow idiot get you down!

    Property Of Potter recently posted..Review: Rose from SinFiveMy Profile

  12. Emma, I’d first like to repeat what I said to you on Twitter i.e, “You are talented, smart, beautiful and confident. Some men can’t handle that in a woman. Block the fool.”

    You are a beautiful person and also extremely attractive because of your mind, not just that amazing body. I am very glad that women have also jumped to your defence – I didn’t want this to look like big hariy caveman males defending the female.

    I am 53 now, and can tell you I was nowhere near as eloquent as you when I was your age. I have followed your blog and tweets for some time now and see you as a beautiful person, inside and out, but also a strong and resilient woman who can take care of herself. (Gawd I really hope that didn’t sound patronising.

    I would like to say a few words to Tony.

    Tony, although you have annoyed me immensely, I actually feel sorry for you. With a blinkered attitude like yours, I doubt you will have the misfortune to attract a partner like Emma (or male equivalent in awesomeness, if that is your preference), and that will be your loss. but the potential partner(s) gain.

    You, sir, are not a gentleman. And I use that word to mean an all-round good person who happens to be male. Someone who is open-minded about everything. A person who understands that beauty has absolutely nothing to do with the surface looks, and everything to do with what is inside.

    I wish you a happy life, Tony, but suspect you will have to undergo some major changes and experiences before you fine it.
    SilverDomUK recently posted..SinfulSunday: Chillin’ outMy Profile

  13. Emma, you look amazing, there is nothing wrong with your figure.

    You have a lovely bum and super legs.

    As someone who has battled eating disorders for years due to inconsiderate assholes dictating what I should look like, I urge you, please please do not take any notice of what bitter small minded cowards think.

    You are and always will be beautiful.


  14. I can’t stay anything the others haven’t. You’re beautiful and amazing and I absolutely adore this stunning picture of your amazing self. Xoxoxo
    cammies on the floor recently posted..ScarletMy Profile

  15. You are absolutely beautiful Emma and perfect just the way you are. Don’t listen to trolls like Tony who try to tell you differently.
    Penny recently posted..Not My CollarMy Profile

  16. This comment thread reaffirmed my faith in humanity.

    Emma – you’re stunning. Like, *heartachingly* stunning. You don’t need me to tell you that but I’m saying it anyway. You’re ace.

    Fuck you Tony, you miserable, joyless bellend.

  17. This image is breathtaking. I’m all for a nature walk, but the scenery near me is nowhere near so pristine and beautiful. You could stand in any setting and improve the view.
    Jack (and Jill) recently posted..Sinful Sunday: Stockings, Part 1My Profile

  18. Even though everyone before me has said it all perfectly, it goes without saying that I’m gobsmacked.

    But I need to say this… I adore this photograph for so many reasons – the contrast of your feminine beauty and softness with the rougher and wilder surrounds, the band of light accentuating the long, slender line of your leg, the composition and light, the spring warmth that transcends the frame, the sheer cheekiness of the image.

    In a roundabout way, your gesture is the perfect ‘response’ to the “miserable, joyless bellend”. (Thank you for the spot-on summation, girl on the net.) To me, now after the fact, it can also be read as mooning, as a political gesture of defiance, a flipping off of narrow and gendered ideas and clichés with a most glorious bottom.

    Stunning post, lovely…
    Cheeky Minx recently posted..Beguiling CuriosityMy Profile

  19. Emma, everything everyone else has said to the power of a million. This picture is stunning and you’re absolutely beautiful.

    Tony, I have no words for you. You don’t warrant any.

    Jane xxx
    Jane recently posted..Wicked Wednesday: Pulling the triggerMy Profile

  20. You post photos on the Web, you’re on a public forum and place.

    That’s what gives me the ‘right’ to comment. I rather like how the reaction to pointing out the truth (sorry, I can see cellulite in the photo, and if you’re getting cellulite at your age then it’s because of not doing enough exercise, it’s entirely understandable later in life).

    The sanctimonious parade of insults from your gang don’t change any of that. And mark out what a bunch of hypocrites they are – lecturing on internet etiquette on the one hand, then being far ruder than my own comment was. ‘Fuck off’.. well that’s an intelligent response.

    My comment was simply harsh but fair, and for all your trying to turn it into a body image crusade post today, it’s just about you eating less junk food and doing some exercise.. that’s called a healthy lifestyle choice. I’m sure you know full well looking in the mirror that the ass and legs God gifted you a few years back aren’t what they once were.

    Harsh.. but fair.

    • Ah, Tony.

      I see you have chosen to ignore any commenters that chose to construct a counter-argument and just concentrated on the swearing. You have done nothing to further your case.

      I have never met Emma. In fact, I barely even know her in 2D. I do get the b=very strong impression that she is basically a good person. I’ve never seen her attack anybody on the Interwebz. She is body-positive. In short, she accepts people as they are.

      You are not being harsh but fair, you are being insulting. Do you enjoy the feeling, which you display here, of being right all the time? You must be very lonely, unless you surround yourself with like-minded people.

      I comfort myself with the fact that there are many people who are understanding of other people in this world. Sadly, there are also many, like you, who get their kicks from attempting to force their POV onto others.

      You are not, in my admittedly personal opinion, a very nice man.

      I will no longer feed this particular troll.

      SilverDomUK recently posted..WickedWednesday: Trigger Warnings, a Post From the HeartMy Profile

    • Firstly, this isn’t a public forum, it’s Emma’s site. She can choose who she allows to comment and can delete & block you at any time, which she should, in my opinion.

      Secondly, as SilverDomUK points out, all you’ve done is focus on a few (deserved) comebacks and none of the questions or points put to you by many commenters on here.

      Thirdly, still no personal image?

      Emma – unless you want this to drag on and on, I’d stop him from posting any more. You should be able to block his IP address pretty easily. Idiots like this always want the last word and don’t usually stop until they wear people down. But it’s your site. I’m happy to keep taking him down. Sometimes you have to resort to beating people at their own level and I’m pretty sure I can outwit him (and out-physique, if he wants to talk about being in shape) if he keeps throwing them up for us to hit home :-)
      Andy – Ruffled Sheets recently posted..Balcony Butt PlugsMy Profile

  21. It’s nothing to do with me, so unclear how you speculating on myself (all irrelevant not to mention completely wrong) has any bearing as a constructive counter argument (your angry words).

    Anyway we’ll all agree to disagree shall we. I say I see cellulite and she ought to do regular squats at the gym to fend off the gathering excess.

    You rush into righteous indignation with claims a public Internet blog means I’ve no right to comment unless ‘nice’ by your own definition..

    Ho hum, that makes perfect sense.

    • Dear Tony,

      Although I largely agree with the barrage of comments that have been posted at you before this one, I will take your challenge and try to address this matter without swearing at you. In fact, my desire to bring positivity rather than negativity to this post is why I chose, in my initial comment, to simply address Emma (and her beautiful bottom), rather than take notice of your less pleasant comment.

      You are, of course, right that this is a public blog, and you do have the freedom to say whatever you want: in fact, no matter how vehemently I disagree with you, I will continue to fight for everyone’s right to free speech.

      That said… I would like to hope that my fellow human beings also hold in their minds some kindness and respect towards one another. In a society that is (thankfully) ever more conscious of how much negativity women feel towards their own bodies, I would like to hope we are actually moving away from pointing out one another’s flaws in such an unkind, body-shaming way. Regardless of what Emma looks like, you are engaging in a kind of negativity that is really damaging and harmful. Not to mention the fact that the flaws you may see are in the eye of the beholder; I promise you that for every flaw you have ever seen on any body, there is someone in the world who adores and cherishes it.

      Your view of beauty seems to be perpetuated by a large and loathsome part of our media, and I sincerely hope, for your own sake if no one else’s, that you can start to see beyond what you are told to like, and discover what you actually like, rather than shaming girls into fitting such a narrow picture.

      Harper Eliot recently posted..Sex, Drugs, & Rock’n’RollMy Profile

  22. TONY – I wanted to thank you SO MUCH for your comment . . . thank you because although I am a regular visitor to Dirty Little Whispers, sometimes life, home, work, children, just the everyday time-clock, all conspire to stop me from visiting as often as I could, or should. Because I ALWAYS find Emma’s photos stylish, creative . . . and ooohh, so, so arousing.

    But your comment has just got me popping back here, over and over and over . . . just to update myself on all the comments . . . AND, to keep scrolling back UP to that WONDERFUL picture!!!

    You are, of course, right about one thing . . . squatting is ever-so good for you. I LOVE it, and enjoy it as often as I can, looking down on my lover as I push up and down and up and down . . .

    Sometimes though, I prefer having my exercise on my side, or on my back . . . and, OMG, sometimes even on my tummy!!!

    But, yes you are right, squatting IS good for you !!!

    I have to wonder though . . . when YOU squat . . . is it just on your own? In a small room perhaps? With the door closed???
    Modesty Ablaze recently posted..Modesty Ablaze driven to distraction @ #scavengerhunt 23My Profile

  23. Wow – I missed all the ructions, didn’t I? All I saw was an extremely erotic image. One that, if anything, tempts me to go on more hikes in the hopes of seeing such beauty!

    xx and much hugs to you Emma!
    Curvaceous Dee recently posted..I Did What With My Feet Now?My Profile

  24. Wow, I too missed the ruckus from earlier this week. As everyone else has said, what I see is a truly beautiful (and real!) woman with a gorgeous arse. Lovely!

    No doubt Tony would have a field day of giving comment-hate to the rest of us poor slobs if he also viewed our pics (even though he won’t show himself).

  25. Sunday is my blog catch-up day and therefore I have missed all this until today.

    Emma this is a beautiful image as yours often are. You have a body to be proud of no matter what a certain person has to say. Personally I would block him from your blog and social media.

    As for the negative commments from a certain person called “Tony” I will not add anything to what has already been said as he is not worth the effort.

    ~Mia~ xx
    Mia Sinclair recently posted..Peek A BooMy Profile

  26. I love your gorgeous photo. Your legs are awesome. Also the background is amazing. You are so pretty!!!


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