The Ultimate O is part of the new range of Ann Summers toys created by ‘The O Team‘. It comes packaged in a clear box with white writing and a black cardboard cutout. Simple and not too fussy. The Ultimate O is designed to take orgasms up to the ‘third level’.

It is made of smooth pink silicone and a plastic white base and features three parts, two which massage your labia and one for your clit. It definitely does not look like any toy I have seen before. As it is made of silicone I would recommend the use of a water based lubricant.


The Ultimate O is fully rechargeable, the charger plugs into a socket, however there are currently issues with the charger so many have been recalled, and connects through the base of the toy.

The toy fits well on my labia and clit. It has seven different settings which can be distinguished between by changing colours when the button is pressed. To turn the toy off hold the button down. Each setting varies in speed, pattern and vibrations and slowly builds up to take you to the ‘third level’. I find the vibrations to be quite buzzy although quiet. If you want a quick orgasm, this isn’t the toy for you.
Due to the design of the toy, I find it impossible to also have penetration which I need to orgasm as well as hold the toy in place as the base is in the way. There is no other way the toy can be used to rectify this.

The Ultimate O in my opinion is more suited to teasing. It creates a great feeling on the vulva but for me there isn’t enough there to create orgasms of any level.

*This product was sent to me for free from Ann Summers in exchange for an honest review.