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Review: Fun Factory Pearly

Posted on Nov 4, 2013 by in Dirty Little Whispers, Reviews, Sex Toy Reviews, Simply Pleasure, Vibrators | 1 comment

Review of: Pearly
G Spot and Clitoral Vibrator:
Fun Factory

Reviewed by:
On November 4, 2013
Last modified:November 4, 2013


Fantastic small vibrator, powerful, fully waterproof with 12 settings.

The Pearly vibrator comes in Fun Factory’s series of mini vibrators. It was sent to me for review unboxed so I cannot comment on the packaging.


Made of 100% seamless silicone the Pearly looks good, however picks up lint really easily. The silicone also has a lot of drag to it so you will need to use water based lubricant.The handle is made on plastic, with two metal points for charing at the base.

The shaft of the toy is solid however the curved head of the toy for G-spot stimulation is flexible and features a slightly tapered edge for easy insertion. With a length of 7 inches of which 2.5 inches is insertable, the pearly is designed to target your G-spot and still manages to make you feel full despite it’s lack of size. It has a circumference of 4 inches.

The handle features three buttons ‘+’ and ‘-‘ to cycle through the different modes, although these symbols can be hard to read, and a ‘fun’ red button which turns the toy on and off.

The Pearly is rechargeable to a UK plug and 100% waterproof due to the clever magnetic charging point. The flaw with this type of charger is that if you knock it, it will easily unconnect so be sure to connect it then keep away!
Please be aware the Pearly does not come supplied with the ‘Click n Charge’ magnetic charger, you need to purchase this separately. It is compatible with other Fun Factory toys so you will only need to purchase the one. The plus side of this being that you don’t have to store loads of different chargers.

The Pearly requires 6-8 hours of initial charge time.

Lock Mode

The Pearly features a lock mode for travel. Simply hold down the ‘Fun’ and – button to lock, you will see the Fun button flicker when it is done. Now when you press any buttons the Fun and + buttons will both light up signalling that they both need to be pushed to unlock. This is a fantastic feature if like me, you forget how to unlock toys again!


To turn the Pearly on press the red ‘fun’ button for 1 second, to turn off just one quick push will work. I like when toys turn off quickly and see this as a bonus, however if you’re prone to pushing the wrong buttons in use can be a pain.

To go through the vibration settings push the – button for different intensities. It starts on a medium intensity and the – button takes it down to two lower settings. The + button goes up three higher vibration settings and then you reach the patterns. The settings are a quick up and down pulse, a faster pulse, a throbbing pulse, a rapid fire kind of pattern, a mix of fires and vibration, and a speeding up setting. Pressing the + button then just scrolls continuously through these until you press the – button a few times to get back to the vibrations.


Wash with antibacterial toy spray, soap and warm water. As it is fully waterproof can be submerged for cleaning.

In Use

This toy may be small, but it definitely has some power. Even just in pressing the buttons holding it in my hand made my fingers still buzz for a while after. The curved tip targets my g-spot pretty well and with the right angle the nub can reach my clit, however for both it can be a bit tricky. As a warm up the toy is great but needs to be used with water base lube as the silicone drags.

As the toy has a nub it can also be used anally which will bring me to orgasm.


Overall the Pearly is a very powerful small vibrator with it’s main annoyance to me being that it picks up lint so easily!

*The Fun Factory Pearly was sent to me for free from Simply Pleasure in exchange for an honest review. This post contains affiliate links. 

Fantastic small vibrator, powerful, fully waterproof with 12 settings.

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  1. I’m looking forward to seeing how powerful the Pearly is and how it can spice up my sex life!

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