The Doc Johnson Pony Play Butt Plug Whip is not something I thought would interest me. I had ponies/horses when I was younger, but Pony Play hardly appealed to me as a fetish.

Doc Johnson was founded in 1976 in America and is the worlds largest designer and manufacturer of innovative products after 30 years.

The Pony Play Butt Plug Whip is available in sizes small or medium. The insertable length of the small is 8.8 cm, 2.4cm diameter with a total length of 10.2 cm. The medium has an insertable length of 11cm, 4cm in diameter with a total length of 13.5cm. I chose the small butt plug.

The Pony Play Butt Plug Whip has a red PVC butt plug and synthetic hair glued to the base. The Butt Plug has a rounded tip for easy insertion and  a flared base to make sure it will not go in too far. On the flared base is also the Doc Johnson Logo.

The PVC of the toy is very squishy and flexible. This butt plug also has Doc Johnsons anti-bacterial Sil-A-Gel formula so does not contain phthalates (apparenty). This toy also has a strange smell to it. PVC is known to be porous, and could perhaps contain phthalates so I would recommend you use a condom with this toy.

The glue used to secure the tail is a bit flakey around the edges, but it seems to keep the tail secure and doesn’t easily fall out with a tug. The tail itself has a crinkle affect and resembles the texture of a horses hair. It makes a good ‘swish’ noise when moving through the air and can be used on the skin to tickle and tease or whip. Although, personally, I didn’t think it was very good for whipping.

The butt plug itself is a great size for a beginner, however if you are used to butt plugs I would recommend the medium size. Even I had a moment of “Is it in yet?”.

If you decide you like pony play and have a bit more money to spend, I recommend you check out Crystal Delights Tasha’s Reignbow Pony Tail Butt Plug as it is made of body safe materials. Not sure about the tail? There’s plenty more butt plugs available.

*The Doc Johnson Pony Play Butt Plug Whip was sent to me for free from Uberkinky in exchange for an honest review. This review contains affiliate links.