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“Answer me, now”
A cheeky smile swept across her face.
He glanced at her for a moment
The dead air echoed the harsh sound
As his hand struck her bare bottom
She groaned
Not in complaint
But pleasure.

He could feel how wet this made her
As he fucked her with his fingers
He paused his movements to speak again

“Don’t make me have to ask again”
This time she let out a little sigh
as she parted her lips
He gently rubbed the reddening handprint
he had created a moment ago
Then added another alongside
Admiring his work
He gave it a small kiss


She pushed back onto his fingers
Rocking forwards and back
Faster, harder

“Are you going to answer me this time?”
Her back arched and raised
Her buttocks towards him
Wriggling slightly.
She said nothing.
His hand forcefully came down
A moan escaped her lips
As the heat radiated
From her pink bottom

His fingers worked faster
On her soaking pussy
As she purred happily

“Tell me what you want me to do to you”
She raised her hips higher in the air
Steadying herself as her hands
Were bound behind her back
“Fuck me hard”
The familiar palm did not strike
She realised her error
“I mean nothing!”

His tongue replaced his hand, teasing her arse
He inserted a finger, to fuck her harder
She said nothing.

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  1. This paint a very delicious picture and I could not help to chuckle when she realized her error :)

    Rebel xox
    Marie Rebelle recently posted..My Master TMy Profile

  2. Love the story, and adore the picture. The young lady looks so sexy with a reddened arse. :)

    Great text to go with it. Really enjoyable read.
    John D recently posted..TMI Tuesday: MasturbationMy Profile

  3. Yum .. I’ve never been spanked properly .. but definitely have it on the list!

  4. Fantastic read. Very horny and a great image to go with it

  5. What a very nice little story.
    Made me crave spankings. More than usual :)

  6. A wonderful combination of words and pictures :-)

    I think we all have made that mistake!
    jemima101 recently posted..Edging closer…My Profile

  7. What a nice sexy little scene!

  8. Now that’s one smacked red arse! Luv it!

    -Tom Wolf

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