Naked Wednesday is all about you! My fabulous readers. Each week you see my Sinful Sunday posts, and I know you all long to join in.

Now so why don’t you? Well, a few of you are shy, or have jobs which mean exposing yourself on the internet may not go down too well. Others have no way to fit this into their blogs, or don’t have a blog at all.

I want to ruin social media’s idea of what they think is perfect and show real bodies, real people and what is real in the world.

So Naked Wednesday is here for your benefit! Build your confidence, let out your exhibitionist side and in the words of Gok, show us ‘How To Look Good Naked’!

You don’t have to be a fantastic photographer or have a fancy camera, an iPhone will do. Just use your imagination and get inspired.

If you’re brave enough to reveal who you are, then I will link you up, or if you want to remain absolutely anonymous I shall keep your cheeky secret.

On Naked Wednesday, everyone is beautiful. Don’t worry about that wobbly bit, or the scars. Just show your wonderful self off to the world :-)

Just email your photo’s and a bit about them and why you want to take part :-)

Don’t forget to follow the hashtag #NakedWednesday on Twitter

Joey: It’s okay. I mean look, Rach, I know I scared you off with that whole Naked Thursdays thing, but we don’t have to do that.
Rachel: Well, it would be easier to move just right across the hall. Wait a minute. Unless you’re thinking about Naked Wednesdays!
Joey: Thursday’s clearly not good for you, pick a day! – Friends


Jazz Danitz