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Movember; Prostate Cancer

Posted on Nov 1, 2012 by in Dirty Little Whispers, Movember | 0 comments

Woohoo, it’s Movember! Anyone else’s auto correct going crazy at them everytime they type this?

So come on men, time to grow those moustaches! (And ladies, why not grow your muff? ;)

Of course all of these Moustaches are grown for a brilliant purpose, to raise money for Men’s Health.

Movember originated in Australia, and has since expanded to all the other countries. I love the leader board which shows how many people have signed up and how much has been donated in each country. The UK at the moment has 106,000 more men signed up to Movember than Australia, yet they’re beating us on donations! What is that all about?

You can support Movmber by joining my team and donating!

One of the charities Movember supports is Prostate Cancer UK. Men, you’ll grow the moustaches, but do you actually listen to the message your sending? What do you actually know about your Prostate?

It is walnut sized and located just below the bladder, and in front of the bowel. If you insert a finger, you will be able to feel it if you push towards your stomach. It is very important for reproduction as it created the fluid that helps semen live longer so therefore increasing the likeliness of conception. So men, if you want your sperm to have a longer lifespan, check your prostate!

Unless you check your prostate regularly, you won’t know whether there is anything there to be concerned about. Much like the female g-spot, the male p-spot as it is known can cause stronger, more intense longer orgasms and even multiple ones! Yes men, that’s right, no more moaning that women get all the fun!

Now, if you’re anything like the typical males I know, the thought of something up your bum will make you squeamish. Seriously? You expect us women to all be up for anal sex, but the thought of a finger up your anus makes you run a mile!

So what you need to do is relax. Little miss says relax! Have a nice shower or bath and de-stress. Don’t think about it. You’re all clean, calm, so now’s the time to experiment. Lube up your finger, warm the lube up first so it’s not as cold if you wish, and place it inside your anus slowly. Yes, it will feel strange for a start. Once you’ve found your prostate, massage small circles with your finger and apply different pressures. After a while it will begin to feel more enjoyable.

Now you’ve gotten over the shock of having something up your bum, and even enjoyed it a little, see whether you dare let your partner push your p-spot during sex or oral and see the real benefits!

Or, if you don’t fancy having a go yourself, make sure you get to the Dr’s regularly for a check up.


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