Who has a jelly sex toy? I have one. It since went in the bin.

The problem with jelly is, well, it’s jelly! So lets take this literally. If you got a bowl full of jelly, and accidentally dropped it on the floor, what would happen? It would get covered in dirt, hair, dust, bacteria and so on. The same with the vibrator, it’s filthy. I’m not sure the photo does it justice. So why not just clean it? Well you can, but it’s porous. The bacteria and germs get everywhere and it’s very hard to clean properly, just as it would be to try and wash off jelly. It is suggested that you use a condom on your jelly toys, as they also contain phthalates, but what’s the fun in that? If you’re staring at that word thinking what on earth are they?! I’ll tell you. It’s pronounced ‘Tha-layts’ and they are esters of phthalic acid which are used to increase the jellys flexibility, durability and transparency. There are loads of health risks to it though, including breast cancer and infertility.

So luckily for you, Vibrator Kingdom have started the Everyone Deserves A Safe Vibrator Campaign in which a safe silicone vibrator, which are usually more expensive than jelly, is generously on offer for £12.50! Such a great offer that I bought two! You seriously need to make the most of this whilst it’s still on.

Spread the word and make sure your friends know the dangers of jelly vibrators, you might save lives.

Say it with me as you throw away the jelly vibes ‘I am so not Jell!’