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Frothing Vagina

Posted on Oct 4, 2013 by in Dirty Little Whispers, Sex and Relationship | 5 comments

It was the middle of our afternoon sex session, I laid on the bed with my legs wrapped tightly around PWC as he kneeled thrusting his stiff cock into me. I bit my lip and moaned as he pushed harder into me, faster. He started groaning as he watched my fingers swirl around my clit in circular motions, quickening. He loves seeing me do this, watching my pleasure build.

He looked into my eyes, watching how much I love him being inside me, the pleasure he is creating then as he looks down again his eyes widen.

“You’re creaming” he says with a confused expression as he pulled out, “What the hell is that? You’re foaming everywhere!”

I had no idea what he was on about, my only thought was “What the fuck did he stop for? For fucks sake”, he poked at me some more and looked with interest.
I still didn’t get what his problem was. I put my fingers between my legs to see what all the fuss was about, he was right, there was now a sticky mousse like substance on my fingers.

We looked at each other accusatory. Neither had orgasmed yet so it couldn’t be that. It didn’t smell of anything. We tasted it – no taste either.

It couldn’t be the soap from the shower surely, this was definitely more foamy than soapy. A reaction to the lube? Nope, it’s used all the time and has no nasty substances in it.

What caused this foaming of my vagina? I had to Google.
Apparently sometimes when all the fluids from a male and a female who are very aroused get mixed together, they create this foaming affect.
So basically my vagina is a bowl and his cock a spoon creating a strange froth of bodily fluids! Sexy, eh?
At least now we know for next time, and hopefully he won’t stop!

Have you ever had this happen to you?


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  1. We have had a similar effect but it doesn’t sound like it was quite the same as the beer-head foam you seemed to experience. *shrugs*

    • Haha, now I’ll look at beer foam and think of my vagina ;-)

  2. It’s not all that uncommon though I guess it would be surprising the first time. Things also can get rather strange with some lubes. The right combination of sweat, juices, lube, heat, and motion can create long polymer strands as well as bubbling. :)

    The general rule of thumb is “If in doubt, flush it out.” So if you ever get really worried, or experience burning or aggressive redness (usually a reaction to something in lube), then move the sexy action to the shower and take turns rinsing and stroking. :)

    • It was Give Lube which I know is completely safe so had no idea what caused it. I would definitely know it was the lube if it was burning. Usually Durex!

  3. the thing is that when the sperms are rubes vigorously after few minutes they form a foam thats all about.

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