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Fall From Grace

Posted on Mar 23, 2013 by in Dirty Little Whispers | 7 comments

No, I don’t want to.
The words from my mouth
I said what I meant
It fell on deaf ears
His hand wandered
Between my legs
I pushed away
The feeling of dread

Turned my back
Not wanting to see
He still pursued
My wishes meaningless
You’re wet, he said
Laid still in his bed
I know you want this
I shook my head

I tensed my muscles
As tight as I could
No words escaped me
Just shouting in my head
I don’t want to do this
This isn’t fair
He kissed my neck
As he stroked my hair

His warm breath against
My cool goose-bump skin
His hands caressing me
Harassing my body
No words in my mind
I couldn’t protest as
He slipped a finger inside

He cooed in my ear
You’re so tight he exclaimed
His excitement showing
As I tried not to shake
Rapid jabs and probes
At my vagina walls
Are you going to come?
His voice loudly calls

As a steady rhythm starts
My pussy is overcome
I breathe slowly
Trying to convince my head
My vagina wants this
To be taken by a man
It couldn’t agree
This wasn’t the plan

Head vs Heart they say
That isn’t my problem
My heart had left long ago
Wiser than to stay
My vagina however
Strong willed of it’s own
Is ashamed of it’s actions
Destined to be alone

Why would it not listen to my head?
The touch of another too much
The pounding punishment
It still desired
Does it feel satisfied now?
With tears down my face
Another man gone
Another fall from grace

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  1. Words fail me. Moist eyes do not…

    • What if the moist eyes aren’t until after?

  2. wow – thats deep (no pun intended) – I hope this is just words and never actually happened xx

    • Unfortunately true on several occasions. This is that I meant at the end of my Pussy Pride post. Why don’t I ever just walk away?

      • I’m so so sorry Emma. This is actually reads like sexual assault. no means no all the time. Your vagina will act as normal because that part of your body doesn’t have a brain, so even if you orgasm, it’s still assault as you didnt want it and cried because it caused you pain and anxiety. I have no doubt that a woman raped might experience orgasm too – but it doenst mean she likes it and most certainly not the type of orgasm when she is with a lover – it just turns to bodily function.

        You’re a beautiful woman, and not some sex toy for a man unless you want to be. Just because you might have had sex the previous night, this doesn’t automatically mean that you want it over and over.

        It’s reading things like this that make me ashamed of my fellow man. I’ve worked with ladies in Refuge helping them the way I can with things that I know.

        I’m so sorry Emma. You deserve far better than this. x

  3. Beautifully written poem; displays real sadness and despair.

    I was about to say that I hoped that this did never happen, but you have already said to the commenter above that it did. Sincerely hopes that it never happens to you again.

    You are a very good poet; you convey real meaning in your words and evoke a reaction in the reader.
    John D recently posted..Love Letters to Strangers?My Profile

  4. If you ever need to talk (not just post) – Lo’s the one to write to. You have our e-mail.
    H.H. recently posted..Two Years and Counting!My Profile

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