I think it goes without saying that Eroticon 2014, organised by Ruby Kiddell, was a huge success! I was lucky enough to get sponsored for Eroticon 2013, so bought my ticket for this years event as soon as they were released!

I honestly cannot believe how quickly the weekend went. To say time flies when you’re having fun would be a huge understatement.


Eroticon events have the most amazing atmosphere, the welcoming and warmness of Eroticon 2014 made it no exception. This is what I love so much about this industry. Every single person is unique and there for an individual reason whether it’s as a blogger, educator, writer, business, author, photographer, copywriter or something completely different; everyone is made to feel valued .

This year I have learnt the most from Harper Eliot, Molly Moore, Cara Sutra, Ruby Goodnight, Michael Knight, Kristina Lloyd, and Gryphon. Thank you very much guys!

It was also fabulous to meet lovely businesses, old and new, and the faces behind them; William from Doxy, Leigh from We-Vibe, Tanya at Intimate Torment, Dale and Lee from Erotic Trade Only magazine, and of course, Nigel from Give Pleasure. 

And what is an event without fabulous people? It wouldn’t be the same without Innocent Lover Boy, John DBlacksilk, Lady Pandorah, Anna SkyEA Unadorned and the gorgeous Play With Changes.

Eroticon may just be an event, but as you can see on twitter the hashtag is still going strong and it is inspiring to read others writing. You take away so much more than just the two days Eroticon gives you.

Whether you were there or not, have a read through the tweets in the sessions. You may learn something new, see something you missed or just remember the fun had!