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Eroticon 2014 Introduction

Posted on Feb 4, 2014 by in Dirty Little Whispers, Eroticon 2014, Events | 8 comments

With Eroticon 2014 fast approaching, this is the third year for Eroticon and I can only think it must be harder for Ruby to think of questions each year!

What’s your name?

Miss Whispers, but you can call me Emma if you so wish. I will also probably reply to ‘Oi, you!’

What are you most looking forward to about Eroticon 2014?

Meeting old friends and making some more new ones, learning some fantastic tips and tricks to make my blog even better and having a laugh.

What are you most nervous of about Eroticon 2014?

Getting lost! I’ve never been to Bristol before, okay, I’m not even completely sure where it is. So if I don’t turn up, I’m probably wandering around a bit confused still. Google maps will be my saviour I’m sure.

What do you hope to get from Eroticon 2014?

Friendship and knowledge, perhaps a better understanding of geography too.

What is your bad erotica writer’s pen name?


Looloolala Rubik. I rather like that :-)

Check out who else you can be introduced to on the Write Sex Right site.


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  1. I got a little lost when I tried to find the Bristol venue and ended up accosting a bewildered stranger who didn’t know the street I was looking for. If that happens to you, expect a comforting welcome from me when you do arrive!

    LP xo

  2. Get lost; pah! How hard can it be? I’m more worried about finding venues at night when you cant see roadsigns!

  3. If you’re a bit lost, text us? I think I remember the way quite well.

  4. You can’t get lost in Bristol, it is tiny and you are used to London but as you say, this is exactly what Google maps was invented for.


  5. You’re far too classy for “Oi, you!” I’d rather give you a dirty little whisper.


  6. The venue itself was weird to find. It ended up some random side street. I can give you my number if you want in case you lose you way on the day. Just drop me a tweet. ;)

  7. lol, hope you get there. i am a believer of google maps too! no sense of directions at all! looking forward to meeting you there!

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