I won my sponsorship to Eroticon with Xcite Books! Woo! I was very excited to be going, and very nervous too. Meeting all these fabulous bloggers; eek!

The amazing Molly had arranged pre conference drinks on the Friday night. As I peered into what I thought was the right hotel, I thought ah shit. There’s tables full of people everywhere.. and I have no idea what most of the bloggers look like with clothes on! As I rang the number, the group behind me beamed as they stared at Molly’s phone ringing and were very welcoming. This was it. The beginning!

It was amazing to meet all of the spectacular people there, and a bit of a memory game to match faces to blogs to twitter names to real names!

I won some prizes in the Sinful Sunday Valentines Competition, so huge thanks to Matt, sextoys.co.uk and nipplecharms.com for them. Can’t wait to try them all out!

After a lovely opening with Ruby, Brook spoke about their campaign with FPA; XES We Can’t Go Backwards. I thought this was rather interesting about the how the Government cuts are affecting the sex industry.

Then onto the speaker sessions.

Myth Busting: The submissive woman, Molly Moore

This session was brilliant. After I recently wrote Sub or Porn Star?, I really wanted to find out more about this. I could completely relate to a lot of the points she had made. There are so many people out there who see subs as weak, traumatised, must have daddy problems, but in reality, they’re more like this Wordle.

via @HarperEliot

via @HarperEliot

An Introduction to Blogging Basics, Indigo Moore 

I wan’t quite sure how basic this was going to be, it was more for completely new bloggers. A lot of the things I already knew but it was great getting a look at Indigo’s websites, their background and how she lays them out. She emphasised the use of Pinterest at the moment, which I must admit I am useless with. So I shall definitely be giving more thought into attempting to pin my posts!

Creative Writing 2, Remittance Girl

Have you met Huggy Pope? This is what happens when you let Remittance Girl speak. “The Pope is not huggy.”
RG has taught me about fantasy in Erotic writing. You can get off on things which you wouldn’t in real life. Something you fantasise about can be something that is completely not acceptable to actually do, but she loves writing it and making you feel that little bit disgusted with yourself knowing that it turned you on.
She also managed to teach me a little bit of French. ‘Jouissance’ is French for come translates as enjoyment, and ‘Le Petit Mort’ which translates as ‘a little death’ meaning orgasm. That is all the French I ever need to know!

Writing for the Adult Industry, Ruby Goodnight

Ruby has taught me to find a micro niche. Something that is specific to my blog. What that is yet, I don’t know! Ranting perhaps? ;-) She spoke about her work, which was very interesting. She also recommended some great sites for finding work such as Elance, Freelancer and Odesk.

Creative Writing 3; A Philosophy of Writing Sex on Twitter, Vena Ramphal

Now as a Twitter addict, I was quite looking forward to this. I thought it would be how to write little sexy tweets. Vena started off well by introducing a bit about Twitter to those who were clueless.  Then, it went downhill. Vena has been on Twitter for 5 years and only follows 42 people. How do you get people to follow you? Write good tweets she says, but don’t follow them back. I disagree. A lot. WIth everything she said. She taught us about #SandwichTweets, which Innocent Loverboy gave a whole new meaning to :-)

Ruby’s closing plenary covered a bit about reviewing sex toys on blogs. Which obviously, applies to me. Basically, if a company sends me something to review, I should write at the bottom that it was sent to me for free to review, and whether the post contains any affiliate links. There are also such things as ‘no follow’ links which should be used to not ruin your google page rank. Confused? You’re lucky she wrote a post about it.

So that was the beginning of Eroticon 2013! And what a great start it was.