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Changes Of Your Partner

Posted on Mar 5, 2013 by in Campaign | 2 comments

This week is Sexy Health Check Week, all about telling your partner about changes in their body.

Apparently, not enough of you tell your partners about their bodies. Do you not communicate or are you just having sex in the dark, quick in out and you’re done? I’m hoping that it’s neither!

How exactly, do you tell your partner that you think there have been some changes without offending them? Personally, I just tend to offend them. I don’t care that much. It’s better in the long run if something is wrong, isn’t it.


“Sorry babe, I did notice that you had a lump on your testicle, but I didn’t want to offend you”,
It is not helpful when told too late, if told at all. The earlier cancer is treated the higher the chance of recovery. If you daren’t talk to your partner and be completely open, then what kind of relationship is that? If you notice any lumps on your partners testicles or breasts, tell them and make sure they get it checked out. If they panic, support them. That’s what a real relationship is about.

When do you tell them? Desire and Pleasure suggests after sex or being intimate. That’s it, make sure you get your sex before you perhaps offend them and they refuse to let you see them naked again. Of course, that wouldn’t happen. Even if you do offend them slightly, there’s always the make up sex!
I would just tell them as soon as I notice. No time like the present. Also, if it’s something minor such as hygiene, don’t expect me to suck it and then tell you afterwards. I will tell you now, and you can go wash it. Yes, I have done that before. Yes, I’m a bitch.

It’s time occasionally, to take off the blindfolds and pay attention to your partners body, and not just once this week. It’s an ongoing thing. Foreplay is the best time for this. A health check isn’t so scary when you’re getting kissed and sucked all over, is it?

Be honest then, would you tell your partner if you thought something had changed on their body?

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  1. The Bad Kitty would tell and have told his partners when he thought something had changed on their body, and expects the same from them. But that’s easier to do and deal with when you have something of an interesting medical history. The best time to tell them is usually when you first spot it, whether it’s in the shower, getting changed after work or in the bedroom when you’re tying them up.

    Bad Kitty believes in regular self checks – balls, cock, boobs, pussy – as well as asking your partner to have a look as well, and getting regularly tested. If you find a lump – no matter how small, get it checked out so you know what you’re dealing with. It might not be cancer but it may still need surgery. It might be a benign lump which goes away. Whichever it may be, get it checked out as soon as you find it!
    The Bad Kitty recently posted..#SinfulSunday – Rude Toys!My Profile

    • Oh yes, good point! I would definitely expect the same and want to be told.

      Of course always important to check yourself, a partner is good for those places you can’t quite see very well though. :-)

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