Lasso Me, Yeehaw

Lasso Me, Yeehaw

Last weekend I was a Saloon girl. Yes, that is me Lassoing! I managed to get it onto the bull first time. I was impressed, are you?

I also rode on the bull in the background.. for a whole 37 seconds. Okay, I wasn’t great at that. My archery was also rather pathetic, I lost an arrow!

In fitting with my theme, I have been sent a Velv’or Jboa Lasso Penis Ring from Vibrator Kingdom

It arrived in a small aluminium tube, great for storage. It’s very discrete, and can easily be carried to it’s destination unnoticed. I love the small packaging, to have it in a big box would seem pointless. The instructions are on the reverse side of the paper wrapped around the tube. This ripped slightly as I removed it from the tube, so some of the words were missing. Not a huge issue, but slightly annoying.

It is made up of a FDA approved stretchy silicon cord and a stainless steel ring. It is tiny compared to the bulky Rocks-Off 4US Cock Ring, which is a nice change. The Velv’or Jboa is one size and the stainless steel ring makes it easy to adjust to any girth.

When putting the loop on the penis, I’m going to pre warn you to be extra careful. It is stretchy, however when on the penis when you pull the cord you might trap many pubes or skin! whoops.. Kills the mood slightly!

The J’boa lasso works perfectly, and pretty much like all other penis rings traps the blood in the penis causing a harder erection. The J’boa made the head of the penis more sensitive whilst this didn’t make much difference during sex, made blowjobs amazing.

Tag lined “The Ultimate Gift For Gentlemen”, I think this product would also suit those who are more rough and tumble in the bedroom. I think ‘Gentlemen’ are hard to find these days!

The benefit of this penis ring over others is the size, it does not get in the way during sex, discrete, easy to clean, simple, and fits to any girth. What more could you ask for?

You can buy the Velv-Or J’boa Lasso Penis Ring here

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Squeezer Teaser

Squeezer Teaser

I have been sent Squeezer Teaser Nipple Clamps from UberKinky. These are also known as Japanese Clovers, or Butterfly Clamps. They come in plastic pockets attached to cardboard. A disappointment compared to a lovely box. The cardboard features a porn star like lady, and look like they belong amongst the chocolate boobs and willy warmers….
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Get Your Cock Off With Rocks-Off

Get Your Cock Off With Rocks-Off

I was a bit excited when the postman was stood on my doorstop with a big box covered in the Rocks-Off logo. Discrete didn’t come into it, I knew exactly what had arrived. Luckily, none of the neighbours were around!

The first thing I opened was a Rocks-Off 4US Cock Ring from Rock-Chick.

The new packaging is brilliant, the cock ring comes neatly stored in the box which is perfect for keeping it in. The box has a window which is great as you can clearly see the toy. The batteries are included and already in the toy, all you have to do is take out the cardboard disc which definitely saves the mad rush around the house to find the right batteries and install them.

The toy is made up of an Ammunition RO-80mm vibrating bullet, and a cock ring sleeve. The bullet can be removed from the sleeve, which makes this toy very easy to clean.
The bullet itself has strong vibrations however I feel it loses some of these as they are distributed around the sleeve.
It has a smaller stretch of silicon on the adjacent side of the ring to ensure the cock ring will stretch to accommodate larger girths, however this means the toy loses its tightness and ability to cause a harder erection. There are ridges on the inside of the cock ring which also help to keep it in place.

When worn, the bullet can face up or down. When facing up it is meant to stimulate the clitoris. I found that during sex in the missionary position, having the bullet rammed against me was rather painful. The cock ring works best in positions where penetration is from behind.

If you’re hoping this cock ring will turn your partner into your own vibrator, then you may be disappointed as the vibrations are not that strong. From the male perspective, the ring was more stimulating during oral sex as it was held in place rather than during sex where the vibrations were lost in movement.
Also, the ring was rather clunky and seemed more of a distraction than a pleasure. As a large cock ring, the penis is obviously also reduced in penetrative size, which may be a problem to some.

Overall, this toy was pleasurable when used during oral sex, but more of a pain during penetrative sex because of the awkwardness of the size and movement.

*This product was sent to me by Rock Chick

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