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Black Lace

Posted on Jan 27, 2013 by in Memes, Sinful Sunday | 24 comments



I forgot how difficult it can be to photograph myself. So here’s a selection of badly taken photo’s. I shall do better next week, promise!

Sinful Sunday

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  1. I love black lace and think you did a good job here, photographing yourself :)

    Rebel xox
    Marie Rebelle recently posted..WhoreMy Profile

    • Thank you :) I think it would probably look better in black and white. Should have just done one and edited xx

  2. You did much better than I usually do. Love the lace :)

    • Thanks lovely x

  3. I love this selection of images, they feel like a series of teasing little peeks at you, as if we watching through the keyhole or from behind the door.

    Molly recently posted..I Am WomanMy Profile

    • I hope no one was watching as I took them! ;) xxx

    • ;D

      Shame you can’t make it! Hope you get there next year xx

  4. I’m fantasizing you wearing bikini chain mail with an ankle bracelet to match your your belly button !

    • Ummm.. thanks?

  5. Noooo I like it…there is something very intriguing about the collage effect, it really works…

    In fact i might copy you :-)
    jemima101 recently posted..ComplexityMy Profile

    • Feel free to copy :) xx

    • Thank you lovely xx

    • Indeed you can x

    • Thank you x

    • Thanks lovely lady xx

  6. I agree, the collage effect works wonderfully here. It provides enough sensual imagery so it’s almost impossible to concentrate on the flaws you think you perceive. Great job! :D

    • As long as you can’t notice the flaws then all is well ;)

    • Thank you, Mia :) xx

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