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Behind Their Back

Posted on Oct 8, 2012 by in Dirty Little Whispers, Sex and Relationship | 5 comments

It’s my friends boyfriends birthday next Tuesday, so we all went out Saturday night to The Banana Cabaret. I would highly recommend it, the best comedians perform there.
After the two hour performances, it turns into a night club until 2am. So, there was quite a lot of alcohol being consumed.

Throughout the night, I noticed my friend boyfriend watching me quite a bit. Even when I reshuffled my bra, instead of kindly looking away, he watched. He later mentioned it and made a joke, so it was fine. My lack of boobs and triple padding are something I’m quite open about! Anyone want to buy me a boob job?
Later in the night my ex went out for a cigarette with my friend, so I was left alone with her boyfriend. When they left, he hugged me drunkenly into him and kissed my cheek. I’m rather small, so I couldn’t prevent it.
You’re lovely you are
Erm.. Thanks. People who say this always creep me out. We spoke about them smoking. He kissed my other cheek. And the other again, getting closer to my lips. I moved away. He was talking to me still, so I moved closer to hear him. I couldn’t really just stand there and ignore him.
You are lovely. He tried to kiss me again. I gave him a strange look.
Give me a kiss, go on! No.
Oh come on, they’re probably kissing outside. Ha! No they’re not.
No, probably not actually, I don’t know why I said that. Don’t you think they’ll think there’s something going on if they come back now because we’re stood so close? No, it’s loud in here, and we were talking.
Oh. So, do you come here often? My ex bought me here on one of our first dates.

Oh. I couldn’t hear what he said after that.
My ex came back in. Thank God you’re back.
‘You’re a bit clingy all of a sudden! What happened?’ So I told him. My ex’s response included some not so kind names.
When they went out for a fag again, much to my protesting, he stood there in silence whilst I danced. Awkward.

So as I was asking on Twitter this morning, should I tell my friend? Most of you said just leave it and if he does it again then tell her, or that he was just drunk.

I was going to leave it, but if it happened again, how would I explain not mentioning it the first time? Nothing may have actually happened, but only because I had stopped it. What if he did this with someone else? And how fucking dare he suggest my ex would cheat on me?

So this morning, I told her. It was completely digging away in my mind. I was shaking as I said it. If my ex had done this to one of my mates, I would definitely want them to tell me. She was mad of course. He said he didn’t remember it, then he said I was exaggerating, then that he did it because his heart isn’t in the relationship. He asked her why couldn’t she see the funny side?

Anyone else see the funny side of this? This really isn’t a situation I wanted to be in.

Now of course, it’s just my word against his. Let’s just say, that’s the end of our double dates.

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  1. Bad enough doing it… but to say you were exaggerating and try to put the blame on you? Prick!
    Blame the drink, or the moment, but if he was any kind of man he’d own up to it and accept the consequences…

    • Ugh. Some men.

  2. Twat. Him. Not you.

    • Well I’d bloody hope not me ;)
      Looking forward to our chat later xxx

  3. LM ….your girlfriend will find out the truth of the sod and sot she is dating- sooner or later. He will slip up and gf will know the truth.

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