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About Me

About Dirty Little Whispers

Dirty Little Whispers was started in 2011/12 and run by Emma as a way of venting and gaining advice about relationships. As the relationships tested her and eventually all came to an end, the blog stayed strong and was a place to expand and grow.

In Septermber 2012, Lovehoney were the first to send Emma a sex toy to review, the Tracey Cox Love Egg. Now Emma regularly reviews sex toys for many companies including Uberkinky, Bondara, Simply Pleasure and many more.

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About Emma

Emma is a twenty something sex blogger living in England. She has spent the last three years working hard in London and enjoying the nightlife, but has recently moved back to the countryside to try and start a life with her partner.



But you look far too innocent to talk about sex! – Ben Ofoedu

Emma is available for copywriting, get in touch for more details.