C is for Cunnilingus

B is for Blowjobs C is for Cunnilingus Are you a cunnilinguist? Try saying that when drunk ;) Honestly, I can’t even say it sober! You all know what that is right? I see you all nodding, but some of you are lying right? So...



Review: We-Vibe 4 Plus

The We-Vibe 4 Plus is the latest couples toy from We-Vibe which uses bluetooth technology to sync with its app available for iPhone and android. The We-Vibe couples toy has already come a long way from the original and looks a lot more confident than the We-Vibe 2.
The We-Vibe 4 Plus comes packaged in a lovely sturdy box with watercolour imagery which runs throughout the range. The front features the name of the product and image of the couples toy and remote. Inside the box, the We-Vibe and remote are secured in a foam insert with the charging port underneath, above a white cardboard box which holds the instruction manuals and charging cable.
The We-Vibe 4 Plus is made from smooth body safe silicone all over. There is no charging insert point on the vibrator so it is 100% waterproof. Use water based lubricant with this toy, never silicone based. The We-Vibe 4 Plus is available in pink, purple or slate.
To charge the We-Vibe 4 Plus, simply sit it in the cradle and which has a micro USB port for the charging cable, then plug it into a standard USB port either on your computer or use a plug adaptor. It is important to make sure you put the We-Vibe 4 Plus in the cradle the right way around. This took me a little while to realise, if the lid won’t fit on, turn the We-Vibe the other way. There is also a part for the remote to sit in at the front.
You need to charge the We-Vibe 4 Plus for 4 hours before first use. When the light on the charging cradle flashes it is charging, when it’s on constantly it is fully charged or if not on at all then there is no power or the We-Vive 4 Plus needs turning around the right way. On a full charge the We-Vibe 4 Plus will last around 3 hours.
The remote control takes a lithium coin cell battery. I found it very hard to get the battery latch door to open however.
The We-Vibe 4 Plus can be controlled by the button on the toy, the remote control, or the fantastic We-Vibe app.

I used the app more than the other options. I love tech so this definitely appealed to me. Unfortunately I recently downgraded to the iPhone 4 which it is unable to sync with, so set it up to the man’s iPhone 4S. The app also works with android phones. Just search for it in the app or play store. You will need to connect the vibe to the app which is very simple, just ask it to find your vibe! Make sure you have your bluetooth turned on. I definitely preferred using the app to the other options, but it isn’t without its glitches. The bluetooth does sometimes cut out and have to reconnect, although this is probably more of an issue with the old iPhone than the We-Vibe 4 Plus. The app shows the battery life of the toy which I love, there’s nothing more gutting than nearly reaching orgasm and the toy dying. With this, I can be prepared and know when to recharge. The We-Vibe 4 Plus has 10+ settings on the app. Each setting has a display to show you the different waves from each of the motor on the clit and g-spot. You can keep them linked to you increase the intensity on them both at the same time, or unlink them so you can have more intensity in one area than the other. The ‘plus’ is that you can also create your own patterns! Certainly a great feature and lots of fun.
If you chose to use the remote then the top button is to turn it on and increase the intensity, the bottom button turns it off or decreases intensity and the side buttons scroll through the different patterns. Please note the remote is only water resistant, not waterproof. The remote is rather small, and given the amount of times I lose the TV remotes, I’m pretty sure I would lose it around the bed.
For the button on the We-Vibe 4 Plus itself, hold it down to turn on/off and push one to go through each setting.
In Use
The app is fun to use and certainly brings sex toys to another level. The We-Vibe 4 Plus fits me quite well, but the inside arm could do with being a little larger I think. The Vibe has some quite strong vibrations, but I would still like them to be a little stronger as it’s harder to direct them to the right places. I tend to prefer constant vibrations, but some of the patterns were tempting for a while too. I was keen to test the We-Vibe 4 Plus out and about, it was comfortable to wear most of the time, but hurts a little when siting down/standing up. The app didn’t sync when we first went out as I think it had perhaps turned off. Trying to push the button on the vibe discretely was rather tricky! On medium-high settings you can hear the We-Vibe too much to have it turned on without everyone trying to work out where the buzzing is coming from.
One of the huge selling points of the We-Vibe 4 Plus is that you can control it from anywhere in the world. As I was trying to use an iPhones 4S and 4 I had issues with this as I could not connect it as I wanted. Using the app connected to your vibe, you can send a private secure link to your lover anywhere and invite them to connect to your device.
The We-Vibe 4 Plus is very easy to clean with hot soapy water or toy cleaner.  Clean the We-Vibe 4 Plus before and after every use.
The app is what makes the We-Vibe 4 Plus stand out against all over couples toys. With a great clear interface, simple connection and the ability to connect from anywhere on what is already a fantastically popular toy. After using this, you will be wanting all your toys to connect to an app. If you love the look of the We Vibe 4 Plus but aren’t too bothered about an app, check out the We-Vibe 4.
For an amazing 15% discount off the We-Vibe 4 Plus, use code WV4P15%OFF at Belle De Soir

*This product was sent to me for free from Belle De Soir (thank you very much!) in exchange for an honest review. 

Review: Playboy Nurse Fancy Dress

I love dressing up, but I’ll be honest, role-play is not one of my strong points. It makes me feel like a bit of an idiot. However whether you’re dressing up for fantasy purposes or for halloween, there are sexy fancy dress outfits to suit your every need. Feeling  more kinky? They even have a gimp suit.
I chose the playboy nurse fancy dress outfit. I thought I’d look after the man when he’s feeling a bit poorly.

The Playboy Nurse Fancy Dress outfit consists of four pieces: a headpiece, stethoscope, frilly skirt and zip up top.

The headpiece has the playboy logo in small red diamantes gaining attention in the centre. It is made up of a small plastic white headband and white ‘new material’ with a red edging. It sits comfortably on my head, however comes out the packet a little screwed up so could do with an iron. I prefer the outfit without this as it makes it look a little tacky.

The stethoscope looks like a cheap children’s toy with a red sparkly playboy bunny stuck to the front which fell off as soon as I took it out of the packet. A nice addition to the costume if you wanted to fulfil the whole role. To be honest, this is more likely to end up in the bin.

 I really like the skirt. It has just the right length to it and is made of a 90% polyester material with 10% spandex and has good stitching. It adds a bit more oomph and playfulness compared to pencil skirt nurse versions. The skirt is hand wash cold only.

Zip Up Top:
The design of the top is great. It zips up the middle which adds sexiness as you can teasingly reveal your assets by lowering the zip. It keeps a shirt design feel as it has a collar and short sleeves with red cuffs. There were quite a few loose threads which needed snipping off. The playboy logo is more subtly placed on the lower right hip and leads down to the integrated suspenders. I am not that keen on the clasps used as they seem rather rough for stockings and are more like suspender belts for your trousers. I paired my outfit with red fishnet stockings and patent red heels.

Overall it is an okay outfit which fit me very well, even though I prefer it without the added extras. More attention needs to be paid to the smaller details such as loose threads and the plastic playboy falling off the stethoscope.
There are some other great collections available. I love the Moulin Rouge outfits, anyone got an excuse for a party?
*This item was sent to me for free from in exchange for an honest review. 

One Year

One year ago today I met @playwithchanges and he hasn’t been able to get rid of me since!
I took the photo Smiles and Spooning the morning after our first date, so thought I’d incorporate it a year later

A Guide To Anal Sex

Anal sex has become a lot more desirable in recent years, especially in porn scenes where most boy/girl scenes either end in anal sex or skip vaginal sex all together. Anal sex can be a very hot activity and feels great for most. I’m not making any guarantees for you though.
Anal sex isn’t just for male/female couples. Gay couples can also have anal sex as well as lesbian couples with the use of a strap on or toy and be whatever kind of couple you want to be. Basically, everyone can have anal sex. Woohoo! If you think anal sex will make you gay (if you are hetrosexual), you are incredibly wrong and stupid. Yes, I called you stupid.
Here’s a little bit of history for you. Hetrosexual anal sex has been around for a thousand years. Men have been performing anal sex on women in paintings and artwork in Europe, China and Japan as well as ancient pottery and sculptures in South America and the Mediterranean. Anal sex is nothing new. People have been having, and enjoying, anal sex for years and years.  Anal sex was also used as a means of birth control. Well, if you cum in someones ass you’re a lot less likely to get pregnant so wise move. Although you will still have to use a condom to protect against sexually transmitted infections. Condoms also make clean up a little easier.
So, let’s do this. First of all, please do not jump into anal like they do in porn! Not that porn stars are literally jumping into anuses. That didn’t sound right, did it? Either way, you are not a pornstar.  Make sure it is something you really do want to try. If you don’t want to that’s absolutely fine. Don’t be pressured into it, it’s not for everyone and your partner or whoever should be fine with that. If not, ditch ’em.  If you are using a strap on dildo, please  do not chose the biggest dildo out there. Ain’t no way that’s happening.
If the thought of a cock or toy going into somewhere ‘dirty‘ makes you wince, you can use a douche or enema a few hours before sex to ensure all is clean and ready, but this isn’t a requirement. It’s quite easy and simple to do but may take a couple of turns before the water runs clear. Great if you have a medical play kink also. I tend to just have a shower and a good scrub.
For a start, you need to relax. This applies to both the person giving and receiving. If you are too tense, there is no way anything is going to go in your anus. You need to be calm. Deep breaths. If you are the one giving and panicking about it not going in, you will most likely lose your erection. Don’t work yourself up about it too much. If you’re using a toy, you may be okay, it won’t deflate as easily. But still try to not panic.
Next you need loads of lube, lubey-lubey-lube. The anus has no natural lubricant so you need to provide it with some. Using lube will not take away any of the tight feeling you are expecting so don’t try and skip this in the hope for better sex. I would say you can’t have too much, but honestly, there is a limit otherwise you would be slipping and sliding all over the place. But rather a lot is helpful. You can buy special anal lubricants which are thicker so need applying less frequently. I tend to use Give Lube Silicone+ as it lasts longer than water based lubricants which may need reapplying throughout. Please do not just spit in their ass like they do in porn, if that’s your thing then fine, but  you will still need to use some lube too. I would not recommend using a desensitising lubricant for anal sex as it makes it trickier to know if something is going wrong. If you are using a strap on for anal sex, make sure your lubricant is suitable to the toy. If your toy is silicone then do not use a silicone lubricant as it may ruin the toys material. Generally water-based lubricants are your best bet.
Make the preparation for anal sex foreplay. Include lots of kissing and rubbing to make sure you both stay relaxed and are having fun. Whilst there’s all this lubricant around, why not include a massage too? Just make sure you don’t relax too much and fall asleep.
If you’re into it, you could include some anilingus into your session. Anilingus is oral sex of the anus for those of you who are a bit like dafuq. Might as well give it a go whilst it’s all clean down there. Personally I love a tongue in my ass. Not your thing? Don’t worry, not important. Moving on…
Start small. Try and insert a finger first and see if they enjoy it. There is no need to go all the way to start with. You can just try one step at a time until you are ready. When you can take one finger, try two… Don’t worry, I’m not going to suggest in a moment anal fisting. A small butt plug  is a great way to get used to the feeling of something in your ass and to decide whether you like it or not. Then you can try a phallic object, I rather like my Icicles glass dildo for a warm up. Just ensure the toy has a flared base and made of a safe material such as glass, silicone or steel or put a condom on a cheaper toy.
Communication is very important. If any any point either of you want to stop then make it clear. You can use a safe word if you wish but be sure to both agree on this before hand and remember it, or just be very loud and say STOP. If there is any pain or bleeding then you should stop. There is nothing that says you have to have anal sex right this moment. You can stop and try again another day. Also, use more lube. Contrary to what others say, anal sex should not be painful although there may be some initial discomfort. This will soon disappear though and be replaced by orgasmic moaning.
It is also good to discuss at the start whether you are happy or not with your partner ejaculating in your ass, if you don’t agree first it may be too late during. This is completely personal preference. Personally I don’t allow it unless they are wearing a condom.
Take it slow. Don’t expect your cock to just go straight in. The ass doesn’t work like that. Slowly push it in, it’s a bit of give and take. Start with the tip and let your partner get used to it and as they relax more and get used to the feeling you can insert more. Take your time. If you aren’t getting anywhere then apply more lube and try a finger and toy again. The best positions for anal I find are doggy style and laid on my side with the penetrator laid behind me on their side but do whatever works best for you. Eventually the ass will slowly accept your cock and then you can start fucking, but of course still be mindful of the person you are fucking. Let them take a few minutes to get used to the sensation and don’t forget that the anus is very sensitive.
Can anal sex be enjoyable? Of course! You can have orgasms from anal sex, and honestly, it’s the only way I will orgasm during penetrative sex. There is a very thin wall full of nerve endings between the anus and the vagina, so if you would like extra stimulation you can insert a toy or finger into the vagina or have a toy on their clit. For guys, the prostate is located in their ass and they should be getting a great feeling on their g-spot. For extra stimulation you could reach around and rub their cock, although, they could well be doing that themselves already.
Once a cock/toy has been in the ass, do not put it in the vagina before it has been being thoroughly washed/antibacterial cleaner used on toys as it can cause infections. If you have used a condom, remove and dispose of the condom and use a clean condom before continuing. Also, probably best to leave ass to mouth to the pornos.
Now what? Well you see, your partner may have just also pumped a load of air into your ass. So there will be ass queefs (because I refuse to accept that it is farting). Best thing to do? Laugh. I find it hilarious. It’s probably unavoidable so you can either die of embarrassment, (not literally), or laugh about it. If your partner also pumped his load into your ass, you may need to run to the bathroom. Cum + queef = missile. There may also be some santorum, you know what that is, right?
Ultimately, if you enjoy it, *high five*. If not, you don’t ever have to do that again if you don’t want to, but perhaps, you might like it better the second time..
As a side note, although, you genius people probably already know this. Other words for anal sex include buggery and sodomy.
So there you go, any questions?

Body Shaming

Body shaming is unfortunately something which appears everywhere. In magazines, on television, even social media is full of adverts to ‘lose weight instantly’. They want us to be more tanned, skinnier, taller, slimmer, smoother. Why? To sell their products. Celebrities are seen with circles drawn around them picking out their flaws in bad angled photographs. People are encourage to nip and tuck until they look like Barbie dolls.
For the most of us though, we have become ignorant to this. We ignore the adverts, say screw the diet fads and are happy with what we have. Proud of our bodies. It’s not easy to get to the point of saying ‘Fuck it’ though, not when everyone is against you. Even my Grandma saying I have chubby thighs. But ‘respect your elders’ and all, I kept quiet.
The thing is though, this won’t stop others from saying things. Some are brain washed by the media to think that every body is perfect, everyone is airbrushed and photoshopped and cellulite doesn’t really exist. They want a barbie army.
I’m lucky as I am part of such a fantastic community of people who are beautiful no matter what their shape, size, colour, height, sex, orientation etc. Being comfortable in your own skin is an amazing thing, but it doesn’t mean you always are.
“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” ― Eleanor Roosevelt
I posted a photo for the Scavenger Hunt, and being honest, I was thinking more about how scruffy my hair looked than my bum! However someone found the need to comment on my appearance, voicing their concern. Their concern that my arse and legs were going downhill. Oh. You’re concerned? They advised I squat regularly. I was genuinely speechless.

As I mentioned though, I am part of an amazing community who all had something to say on the matter. Not only did I have support on twitter, there were twenty eight more comments, twenty eight proud voices who were able to stand up and say “Fuck you”.
If you do one thing today, make sure you go read the comments and feel free to add yours.
When someone challenges your body negatively or anyone else’s for that matter, you have the right to put them in their place. It is bullying and it is not acceptable.
If I see anyone being body shamed, I will happily lend my support and help that person have a voice when they feel they don’t.
To all you lovely people – Thank you.
Now I’m just going to say, if my thighs, bum and body offend you in any way, you don’t have to look at them. If you want to look at photoshopped images, go buy a magazine. I promote real people, with real bodies. Take a look at Naked Wednesday and you will see gorgeous bodies of all types. Also feel free to join in! I may add the occasional filter to my images, or play around with the lighting but the body is mine. Accept it as it is.